Grant Writing Course

Our Grant Writing Course includes eight detailed lessons. Course includes:

  • Extended Time with Individual Coaching,
  • Group Meetings,
  • Q & A Sessions,
  • Grant Reviews

If you follow along and keep up with the course lessons and homework, you will have a completed Grant Proposal that is READY TO SUBMIT!

8 Module Course


  • A completed proposal – ready to send. 
  • Leadership Coaching throughout the course
  • You will know how to research funders
  • You will have actual award-winning grants to review
  • Be able to continually use your workbook to use again.

Module One: Introduction

  • What is a Grant?
  • How do I know I need one?
  • Who am I? – What do I want to do? What Do I want to Change?
  • What kind of grants can I apply for?
  • The information you need to do/have before I submit a proposal?
  • Help me not to panic! It seems so overwhelming


Module Three: Essential Parts of a Grant

  • Introduction/Program Overview
  • History and Overview of Organization
  • Statement of Need
  • Description of the Problem
  • Program Plan
  • Outcomes
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Sustained Impact
  • Creating a Budget – this may be in two sessions

Module Seven: What now?

  • What happens if they say “no”?
  • What happens if they say “yes”?
  • How to respond to a “no” or “yes.”

Module Two: Where’s the Money?

  • Where do I look for funding?
  • What is a funder? What kind of funder do I need?
  • What is the key to getting the funding?
  • Types of Funding Sources that I can apply to – who are they?
  • What is a Prospect?
  • How do I fund all this information?
  • What is research? And what are some resources?

Module Four: Defining Clearly Your Need and Problem to Be Solved

This will be part of a group discussion.

Module Six: Submitting Your Proposal

  • Attachments
  • Developing a Checklist

Meet Our Grant Writing Expert

Peggy has over 25 years of expertise in helping people get their dreams, mission and organizational needs funded through winning grant proposals. Her grant writing courses have facilitated change and helped many from across the nation receive funding and turn their dreams into reality.

Peggy is credited with bringing in over a nine million dollars in grant funding to individuals and organizations, including faith-based.

Peggy is a native New Yorker -one conversation and you will know! Born and raised in the Bronx -Go Yankees!  She has been married to Rick for 13 years and resides in Chesapeake, Va. with their Black Lab – Samson. She has the distinct title of  “Granny Peg.”

Learn by Doing

Gain a Valuable Skill

Not only will you have a ready-to-submit grant proposal upon completion of the Grant Writing Course, you’ll also gain the valuable skill of grant writing.


Who is this Course intended for?

Audience:  Individuals with a plan, vision and need funding

  • CEO 
  • Staff
  • Board members
  • New Non-Profit start-ups
  • Non-Profits who have not applied
  • Grant writer
  • Those who have only gotten 3 out of 10 grants funded

What if I can't attend each session?

Our plan is to record each session and make the recording available on the SCORE Hampton Roads website

SCORE Hampton Roads has not charged for course (in awhile). Why now?

Leading this course and reviewing draft grant proposals is a time-consuming process. We want only serious businesses and organizations to apply. If you follow along with the pace of the course, you will have a completed grant proposal that is ready-to-submit.

Free Grant Writing Course Preview

Unable to attend one of the Grant Writing Introduction Q & A Sessions? No Problem.

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